The Bartender Hire Company

Gatsby themed 50th

We were asked by our friends at Mirage Parties to assist with an incredible birthday party, where glamour, glitz and sparkle were the flavours on the day. Planning began six months in advance, discussing everything from bar graphic design, service of cocktails before and after ‘the big reveal’, entertainment options and staff attitudes to fit in with the theme.

Guests arrived into the first marquee where the decor was that of a street scene, with champagne served from a soup kitchen, food served from street carts and entertainment hidden within shacks around the room. Flapper girls wandered around to set the scene, before a huge dance performance, with live singers and saxophonists welcoming everyone, and taking the party through to marquee number 2; Gatsby’s mansion.

Live bands performed on the stage, with our stocked cocktail bar in full swing with flair bartenders and cocktails on offer.

You can view more information about the party, along with images and videos on the Mirage Parties website.

15 September 2015