The Bartender Hire Company

Green changes for 2018

With the start of each new year, we vow to make at least one change to the business that will reduce our environmental impact. In the past, we have gone completely paperless in the office by paying all invoices and filing paperwork digitally, as well as choosing to use biodegradable green straws for all of our events. These straws decompose into nothing within one year of contact with water.

For 2018, we have chosen to make three changes:

1. We print menus in the office for our events using a laser printer. This uses large complicated toner cartridges, with a mixture of materials such as plastic, metal, powders and computer chips. When each cartridge is finished, we ship them back to Brother US (across the atlantic) who then re-uses them. This year, we are instead opting to take the cartridges ourselves to our local print shop where they will refill them for us, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

2. Our world’s throwaway culture results in 13 billion plastic bottles being used each year, with around half of these not being recycled and making up a third of all pollution in the oceans. Here, we have decided to no longer use 500ml plastic bottles for still & sparkling water at events, instead opting to use glass bottles which we then recycle here at hq. If glass is not an option, then we will use larger 2ltr plastic bottles and decant these per serve.

3. For cleaning our equipment and bars, we use standard blue roll. From today, we are going to be using compostable blue roll, made from 100% recycled fibre.

If you have any queries to the above, get in touch with us to discuss.


08 January 2018