The Bartender Hire Company

Online Cocktail Workshop Guide

Congratulations! You’re booked onto one of our incredible cocktail experiences!

Now we need to get your home bar setup organised so you can get the very most out of your class. First, the basics:

Your worktop

Now, where to setup your device and drinks?

Our recommendation will always be in the kitchen, as you have easy access to a sink for washing your glasses, tools and cocktail shaker. If you want to set up in your new home office, clear your desk a bit. You certainly don’t want triple-sec in your keyboard! Keep a bucket nearby so you can pour away any dregs from your shaker in-between your creations.

You’ll be mixing drinks with cocktail shakers and liquids. There is a chance that you’ll spill a bit! Our recommendation is to prep your drinks on a folded tea-towel. This will prevent your tools from slipping as well as catching drips and spills.

Glassware & Ice

We haven’t shipped out any glasses or ice to you for obvious reasons; glasses break and ice cubes melt. You’ll receive an insert with your cocktail box letting you know which glasses you’ll need. This is not 100% essential at all – cocktails when mixed properly will still taste great in a mug, wine glass, or even a kid’s tippee cup (just rinse it out before giving it back to the little ones).


Classic up-and-down straight glass used for great classic drinks such as Mules, Fizzes, Collins and Mojitos. Typically these hold a capacity of approx 12oz, or 330ml. Feel free to use decorative cut crystal versions, or even versions such as a Sling with a short stem (like a beer glass).


The classic image of a cocktail; the v-shaped clear glass synonymous with swanky soirees since the speakeasy days of prohibition. Wonderful drinks such as the Martini, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Appletini, Espresso Martini and the Sidecar are all served in these delicate glasses. These hold approx 6oz and you should always have a couple in the fridge for special occasions (or when in dire need of a martini).


Perfect for drinks without mixer, such as Old Fashioned, Margaritas, and Negronis. Typically these hold around 8oz and should be made of thick glass to retain the cold temperature of the drink.


We choose to run our sessions using the video conferencing platform zoom, simply because it gives us the most amount of control; we’re able to stream music, spotlight individuals, and use a multi-angle camera setting to allow us to teach you with the most efficiency.

If you’ve not downloaded Zoom yet, you can do so here. We recommend having a test call – you can do this direct with Zoom here.

Simple Zoom etiquette:

A few pointers for those who haven’t been working from home too much:

Use a laptop where possible – raise the height of it so everyone doesn’t have to look up your nose.

Ensure the room is well lit, however avoid bright lights and windows behind you.

If you want to see everyone at once, click ‘view’ in the top-right of your screen, then choose ‘gallery’. Most computers can only display 25 people at a time.

Try using bluetooth headphones – some even come with a built-in microphone. You’ll need to adjust your audio settings in Zoom (guide here)

If having a conversation with someone else in the room, please mute your microphone. You can easily do this temporarily by holding the spacebar.