The Bartender Hire Company

Our Green Statement

Climate change is the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced.

I believe that it is imperative for everyone to hold a level of responsibility for contribution to the climate crisis, from choosing where to buy your clothes, to opting for a re-usable coffee cup. Everything we do makes a difference. This is something I think about a lot in my home life, and the lessons I choose to teach my kids and the discussions I have with friends. They’re not always easy things to talk about; explaining to a 5 year old why she can’t have a magazine with plastic tat attached to the front, or those awkward talks with family members as to why you don’t eat meat.

All of this leads me to think about ensuring I carry this forward to how the business is run too. As a company, we have made some changes over the years; we haven’t used plastic straws since 2016, instead opting for biodegradable replacements, likewise choosing compostable items for our cleaning materials. We don’t supply plastic water bottles. We sort our waste at events and aim to recycle everything that we supply where possible. This is all good stuff, but I feel that there is more that we can do.

We are just emerging from a year long pandemic that has seen the hospitality sector hit hard, and the events sector hit even harder. Across the country, people have been re-connecting with their local community, setting up WhatsApp groups for their roads, choosing to spend money in their local independent shops, donating to local kickstarters to save the local play park and so on. This has opened my eyes to thinking more locally, and less globally. What does this mean for TheBartender?

Over the past 15 years, we have been blessed with events all across the UK, Europe, and the World. From today, we’ll be choosing to look after events that are taking place within a 50 mile radius of Bristol. Not only will this reduce our carbon footprint when delivering events, it’ll also assist us in the promotion and usage of local suppliers. Of course, prior to this, we were using local suppliers when we were asked to supply items such as alcohol, ingredients, and glassware, however when the clients choose to supply these items, we hope to persuade them to shop local too. From gin produced just down the road from us at The Bristol Distilling Company, to cocktail syrups from The Bristol Syrup Co, and fruits and herbs supplied by Reg The Veg.

This major change will not impact our reach, given the success of our recent accomplishment with The Bar From Afar. Experts say that the pandemic has accelerated the move to working from home by 5-10 years, leading us to believe that Christmas 2021 will be in dire need of cocktail party box sets to be shipped out (in eco-friendly packaging, using electric vans from DPD) all across the country. We have also managed to use our studio bars for training bar teams remotely, with the multi-camera set up making this all possible. All of which reduces our need to travel, as well as the guests’ need to travel. The mantra ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS’ may become ‘Stay Home, Protect the Planet’.

See you at an event in Bristol soon.

03 May 2021