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Launch of our 2022 Cocktail List

With every year that goes by, be it a year plagued by pandemic and uncertainty or not, we see the cocktails that our customers request changing. Where we may have been mixing Long Island Iced Teas, we're now mixing Picante de la Casas. Instead of Appletinis, it's Negronis (part of why our logo changed from the martini to the rocks, more on that later...).

Our choices have reflected our company focus; we're striving for a more sustainable and ethical list, where seasons and locality take a lead role in our drinks. We've begun visiting more and more local producers (more here) to develop this list. We've invested in better and more ecological equipment to allow us to prepare and produce more of our own ingredients with seasonal and locally grown ingredients, such as dehydrated garnishes, fresh fruit cordials, and clarified punches, all batched and bottled in our lab by our bartenders.

Now this isn't to say we'll not mix your favourite classics; mojitos, espresso martinis, and cobblers are still very much part of our menu, but with a few tweaks, we've put a litlte bit of our ethos into each recipe. From switching out base spirits and liqueurs for local alternatives, to ensuring our mint is grown within 20 miles of our HQ.

Our new full list is viewable here, have a peruse and let us know what drinks you'd like on your next menu!

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