The Bartender Hire Company

Popular Cocktails 2015

Our most popular cocktails of 2015:


The time has come again for us to look at our bookings over the past year, and take stock of what has been popular. Things have shaken up a bit, but it’s definitely still the classics reigning supreme:


10. Moscow Mule (1459 mixed at 24 parties)


Vodka, fresh lime and angostura bitters shaken up and topped with fiery ginger beer.


9. French Martini (1469 mixed at 64 parties)

french martini

Vodka, black raspberry liqueur and pineapple, shaken and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.


8. Margarita (1502 mixed at 37 parties)


Tequila shaken with triple-sec (dry orange liqueur) and soured with fresh lime juice. Served either in a coupetteĀ or on the rocks with a salt rim.


7. Long Island Iced Tea (1574 mixed at 27 parties)


Vodka, gin, tequila, triple-sec and rum shaken with fresh lemon juice and topped with Cola.


6. Sex on the Beach (2524 mixed at 71 parties)


Vodka and peach schnapps, topped with orange and cranberry juices.


5. Passion Fruit Daiquiri (2726 mixed at 96 parties)


Rum, passion fruit liqueur, fresh lime and passion fruit juice, shaken and served in a chilled cocktail glass.


4. Bellini (3186 mixed at 104 parties)


White peach puree topped with sparkling prosecco.


3. Cosmopolitan (5881 mixed at 175 parties)


Vodka, triple-sec, fresh lime and cranberry juice. Shaken and double-strained into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a flamed orange zest


2. Garden of Eden (7383 mixed at 184 parties)


Our speciality. Gin, elderflower cordial, fresh lime, mint leaves and pressed apple juice. Shaken and served long over ice.


1. Mojito (11559 mixed at 281 parties)


Rum, fresh lime, mint leaves, sugar and soda. Churned with crushed ice.

22 October 2015