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👋 I'm Lewis, the founder and director of The Bartender, which started out way back in 2005, when I was invited to mix drinks at events whilst working in some of the best independent cocktail bars in Bristol. 

⏩ Fast forward to 2024, I've had the ultimate pleasure of working alongside some great bartenders at some incredible events across the country, even getting to travel the world to showcase our drinks making skills. We're preferred suppliers at multiple venues across the South-West, including North Cadbury Court, Euridge Manor, and Huntsham Court.

💭 I love making dream events come to life. Every week we have a completely different range of events to work on, from a straight-forward drinks party at home, to a magical wedding taking place over three days; each and every event gets me excited for what we can make happen.

😷 Even during the pandemic, when we were not allowed to entertain at events, I couldn't sit still long enough and lo and behold, The Bar From Afar was created, bottling and packaging all the ingredients and tools needed for people to mix cocktails at home themselves. 

✈️ My favourite event from the past few years has definitely got to be building one of our mirror bar units in-between the landing gear of Concorde for Aston Martin. The bar looked incredible, and it was an honour to have worked alongside such a magnificent piece of engineering. 

🍸 I've created many cocktails in my time, including our signature Garden of Eden, which won me first place in a cocktail competition quite a few years back, and we're still slinging today. If someone was to buy me a drink though, a Manhattan always goes down pretty well.

🚴‍♀️ Outside of my work, I ride mountain bikes, play drums, and I'm even a Cub Scout leader! 

🤙 If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to chat about it with me, why not book in a call or visit me at our Skyline Park HQ.

Lewis x


1. Where possible, we aim to solely use suppliers and products made locally to us.

2. Any leftover ingredients or fruit will be salvaged and turned into new products.

3. Our coverage area is small because we do not believe in driving 500 miles across the country to supply a service that could be sourced locally with another supplier. As flattered as we are, we'd rather recommend a provider who is local to you.

4. Our mobile bar equipment is all made here in the UK, either by us or trusted suppliers.

5. We will repair our equipment rather than replace.

6. All single-use items are discouraged, but when required will be recycled responsibly. 

7. With every decision we make, we consider our impact. 

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