Cocktails and weddings go together like a horse and carriage - or is that love and marriage? I digress... 

We all understand the importance of having a great venue, the perfect dress, a vintage car and delicious food at a wedding, which is why we are leading the charge for you to have the best drinks to match.

We can help you with putting together a great drinks journey from the beginning of the day, through to post-dinner martinis and cocktails to accompany the disco. Book a call​ with Lewis to discuss your plans in-depth, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.



It's your day, so make it your bar. If you're putting together your own dream day, with the freedom to bring in suppliers (such as our good selves), then allow us to work with you to produce a drinks list that showcases your very favourite drinks. Why not offer a drinks reception of a cocktail you enjoyed on your first holiday together? We can put together two cocktails to represent the two of you, each with a nature you're famous for (or infamous for!)

Let us inspire you to go all out with the drinks. With us, you dictate the drinks, the beers, and the fizz.

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Not everyone choose to have a free bar at a wedding; either because of total wedding budget, or simply because they don't want to see Uncle Albert dancing on the tables. 

We can work with you to agree on the pricing for the bar, giving you the option to supplement the prices to lessen the impact on your guests' wallets. 

We can advise and assist with a temporary event notice (either applying for this on your behalf, or simply providing the details you require), and we have personal licence holders to oversee the safe sale of alcohol.

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Not only do the bars look incredible, they also allow our bartenders to serve far more efficiently than anything that a marquee company will typically supply. Time and time again we've had to 'make do' with a single wooden shelf, with nowhere but the floor to store your glassware, ice, and drinks ingredients. This will mean that the bar not only looks messy, it is inefficient for drinks service, resulting in poor and slow service.

Our bars have guts; insulated ice wells that keep your drinks colder for longer, speed rails for quick access to ingredients, sinks to quickly wash and prepare equipment, ample organised and ventilated glassware shelving and separate service / working areas.



With so much planning involved with a wedding, the last thing you want to be doing is running around picking up bottles of this and that. Let us take the brunt of the work when it comes to this part of the masterplan. 

We have also selected great wines, proseccos and beers with prices to match. Our fees are transparent, itemising the cost prices of all stock we supply, and clearly stating our service charge, so you know exactly what you're paying for.


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