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6 Ways to put your brand on Drinks

Are you putting on a corporate event and want to increase brand awareness? Drinks are an incredibly effective way to reach your audience, by literally putting your name into their hands.

We have put together our six favourite ways to effectively get your brand out there, in an eco-friendly fashion - no plastic stirrers here thank you.

Heat Branding

Definitely the most dramatic option; we use an electric heat brand to burn your logo into fruit zest, which can then be attached to, or dropped into a glass.

A row of drinks with orange zest logos attached with a peg
Get your brand out there

Most logos work well with this, but due to the shape of the zest, it really suits long logos, or company names.

How does it work?

We give your logo to a stamp company, who then produces the image on an iron brand. We'll test the brand and make sure everything is working, before bringing it to site for your event.

We'll peel the fruits, and then using the brand, press down on the fruit for a few seconds until the desired level of burn is reached - expect sizzling sounds and amazing smells!

A cowboy bartender uses an electric brand on an orange zest
A Wild West themed event, featuring branded zests

The zest is then trimmed, and either dropped into, or using a wooden peg, attached to the side of the glass.

The flavours of the fruit will be imparted, but there is little to none taste of burning.

Costs start from £300 for a brand, dependent upon the size, which can be then used for future events at no additional cost.

Edible Rice Paper

Simple, effective, and tasty too! Edible toppers printed in full colour, are a really quick and fun way to wow your guests with a unique image for your event.

An espresso martini with the Lamborghini logo printed on top
Premium brands call for premium drinks

It's simple to turn every drink we serve into a marketing masterpiece - why not print a QR code to your latest offer or service? People are going to take photos of our gorgeous drinks anyway, so why not take the opportunity to direct them to your current marketing campaign?

How does it work?

Unlike the electric brands above, square or circle logos work best for edible toppers. Once an image is agreed upon, we'll print this out and send you some images of this on different looking cocktails.

As long as all of these look good, we'll print and cut these to size, and bring along to the event.

Three bright drinks, with cocktail toppers tat say 'CHOOSE LOVE'
Image © Edible Cocktail Toppers (Instagram)

Best thing is, they're vegan-friendly, gluten free, don't contain palm oil, and taste great too!

Costs start from 50p a topper, but are free when hiring one of our mobile bar units.

Branded Cups

Longer-lasting than an edible topper, printing onto cups is a pretty straight-forward to extend your brand beyond flyers and on bars.

A row of drinks in paper cups
Uniform rows of drinks catch the eye of the passer-by

We tend to favour compostable paper cups for when we make dry-ice cocktail sorbets, so printing onto these is simple. If you're opting for compostable plastic cups, we recommend using stickers instead, which your bartender can apply at the event.

A row of paper espresso cups filled with dry ice sorbet cocktails
Get your brand into the hands of your guests.

Costs for branded paper cups vary dependent upon your logo; we estimate 50p a unit as a starting figure.

Bespoke Cocktails

Why not consider asking us to create a bespoke cocktail for your event? We've got a whole repertoire of signature cocktails that can be tweaked, or we can look at your company history, ethos, message, and colours, and create something that can be truly related to your brand, giving a story to everyone who drinks it.

Custom Uniform

Branded aprons, t-shirts, or baseball caps are a fun way to have your bartender blend into your event seamlessly, making them a part of your company team for the event. If you really want to go all out though, a full-on theme is amazing fun!

A bartender dressed as an airline pilot, a waitress dressed as a stewardess
Come fly with us on BA (Bartender Airlines)

Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll help you to create the perfect look for your event bar.

Mobile Bars

It's what we're famous for; creating incredible looking bars at events, complete with company branding in various styles.

pax8 logo in neon attached to the front of a faux living wall mobile bar unit in an office environment
A neon on a living bar will really make your brand pop

We have differing options for branding your bar, including glowing neons, panel boards, di-bond aluminium, and LED backlit.

A mobile bar unit with prince of Wales drive branded across the front of it, on a London rooftop
Bars that blend into your event

Once you've chosen your logo, we'll produce a mock-up to give you an idea as to how it'll look. Once approved, we'll get it ordered, printed, and delivered to us ahead of your event. You can even keep the logo once all the drinks are done with!

Costs start from £150, all dependent upon materials and sizing.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your upcoming event, and how we can get your brand onto your drinks.

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