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Bristol! Give me a signal!

For the last 15 years we as a company have always discussed our love for our city. Bristol produces some amazing products and we want to champion and support our community.

Since deciding to focus on the south west area we believe it now makes more sense for us to incorporate more of our locale into the business.

To do this we have visited some of our favourite producers to discover what makes them so special and how we can use their products in our offering.


Jake and the team at Bristol Distilling Co. create the wonderful Gin 77 and their Blacks Cold Brew & Vanilla Liqueur (fantastic addition to an espresso martini). The name is a nod to the previous Bristol Distilling Co, which ceased operations after being hit during the Blitz in 1940. Opening in 2017 it meant Bristol went a whole 77 years without a Bristol Distilling Co. Much like the Gin they produce, this is a knowing nod to the past with a look to the future. They don’t let traditions hold them back and are creating an array of flavoured gins across their portfolio which not only taste delicious but are also really fun. We are big fan’s of people who take their craft, but not themselves too seriously.

Producing a modern spirit in Bristol, The Bristol Distilling Co. Gin 77 is a quintessential London Dry Gin with a juniper and citrus heart with a wonderfully malty finish. The versatility of Gin 77 makes it a fantastic product for us here at The Bartender, for mixing with cocktails or a classic G&T.

We love making an Army & Navy with Gin 77:

50ml Gin 77

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

20ml Bristol Syrup Co Orgeat

Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake with some serious gusto. Double strain in to a chilled coupe and enjoy.


We get all of our fresh produce from Reg The Veg in Clifton. From the gorgeous fresh mint in your mojitos to the orange zest in your Old Fashioned is all picked by the trusted hands of Tom and the team in Clifton’s Reg The Veg. Tom and the team lovingly pick the best produce on offer and have done for over half a century. The team are super passionate about produce and we often rely on their expert knowledge to guide us with seasonality and new creations.

We always pick up our produce fresh for every event to ensure the best possible results for your drinks.


From speakeasy bars to speciality spirit stores, Richard Tring has brought flavours of the world to Bristol. This has continued with his new venture The Aperotivo Co. Creating proudly European vermouths and amaros with his co-founder Lewis Eastman right here in Bristol. We sat down with brand ambassador Mike Canham for a trip through the Aperotivo Co. portfolio and absolutely loved what they were about. Named after the area where the style is from the Lyon, Turin and Reus vermouths are all built by bartenders for bartenders. They mix incredibly well and are tasty as sippers in their own right! Created in small batch vats in house at the top of the Christmas Steps the team have complete control over their recipes and have worked tirelessly to create their perfect product.

Bristol Blanco Negroni anyone?

25ml Gin77

25ml Aperitivo Co. Gentien Liqueur

25ml Aperitivo Co. Reus

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir to dilute. Pour over ice and garnish with a lemon Zest. (The team at Aperotivo Co. do sell a bottled blanco negroni if you need to stock the fridge!)


Created by the three Bristol legends that are Jem Rogers, Dee Davies and Danny Walker to bring cocktail ready syrups that a made with the love and care they deserve to the wider market. With Greg Williams the ‘trusty man about town’ for BSC we alway shave a good stock of Elderflower, Vanilla & Raspberry on the shelf.

We love the elderflower syrup in our Garden of Eden, one of our own creations:

50ml Gin 77

50ml Eager Pressed Apple Juice

25ml Fresh Lime Juice

10ml BSC Elderflower Syrup

Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake hard, strain over cubed ice in a hi ball glass, garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

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