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Good Karma Taste Good

Here at The Bartender Hire Co. we aspire to be socially and environmentally conscious in all aspects of our work. Being a small independent company we are fortunate enough to be in a position to make the small changes we deem necessary to stay true to our values. These small changes include our commitment to align ourselves with like minded companies and producers. Which is why we use Karma Drinks for our soft and mixer packages. Not only are the drinks they make absolutely delicious but they are also a sustainable, fair trade, ethically conscious (almost) plastic free, social enterprise and fair-trade development organisation.

Here's their mission statement:

‘At Karma Drinks, we believe that something as frivolous as a fizzy drink can be a force for good. We believe that what you drink should not only taste good, but be good to the planet, good for the people who grow our ingredients and good for you. We’re a small company on a big mission – to make delicious drinks with purpose; building long-standing relationships with our growing communities, working with Fairtrade to source our sugar, eliminating all plastic from our supply chain and only filling our drinks with the best organic ingredients we can find. In fact, that’s not all.. 1% of the revenue from each drink purchased goes straight to The Karma Foundation to hold us accountable to our mission to be the world’s most ethical soft drink. Call it Karma.’

So know that when you are sipping on a perfectly balanced and expertly prepared mixer by one of our bartenders, you’re also getting some good karma too!

Karma’s most recent release is their limited edition “Too Damn Hot” Gingerella with addition of capsicum to really turn up the heat. This fiery ginger ale is #toodamnhot raising awareness that we have just 1.5 degrees left to save the planet from irreversible climate change. 100% of the profits go towards helping to fight climate change. So we have come up with this fiery number available for your next event! (While stocks last)


50ml El Jimador Blanco Tequila

20ml Fresh lime juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

Build in a glass with cubed ice and top with #toohottohandle Gingerella

Add a bar spoon of Creme De Cassis

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