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Preparing for an online cocktail class

Who would've thunk it; learning how to mix cocktails in front of a computer screen, it's like the future hit us 10 years faster than it should've done. Either way, we were forced into developing what we believe to the best virtual class out there, with amazing ingredients being sent in gorgeous packages with fantastic bartenders teaching you how to turn these into incredible cocktails.

If you're reading this because you've signed up to participate, congratulations! Read on to get a taste of what's to come...

What's in the box

We have taken each of the ingredients needed for your drinks, and bottled them each up individually, labelling them carefully so you can easily find what you need to mix along with your bartender.

We include a stainless steel mini shaker, perfect for one person, plus garnishes, fruits and straws as needed for your chosen drinks.

How to prep your home bar

You'll need your own glassware, ice, and some basic tools. Below is a good example of how you could set yourself up:

Ice is the most crucial, and often overlooked part of a home bar. You need ice to shake and also to serve. Bear in mind, it also melts whilst it's sat there, so perhaps only get half of the ice at a time.

Here's a tip for you; Harvest your ice! If you have one ice cube tray, make some ice, then pop it all out into an empty tub. Put the tub in the freezer, then make some more ice in your tray! Keep doing this to have a constant supply. Alternatively, buy some ice from the supermarket.

A chopping board & knife will be needed for garnishes and juice, plus a tea towel for spills, and a teaspoon if we need to stir anything.

Zoom & other video services

We prefer to use Zoom as it allows us more freedom with our multi camera setup, however we've used Teams & Webex in the past too. Make sure your camera and mic work, and you haven't got any background noise that's going to interfere with the call.

We enjoy having everyone off mute to give the room more of an atmosphere, just remember to mute yourself when you yell at the kids / dog / husband etc.

We very much look forward to seeing you at The Bar From Afar!

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