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The Importance of a wet weather plan

Updated: May 19, 2022

Don’t mention the weather! We’ve all had this feeling when our party or event is imminent and we’re holding on the hope of good weather but the forecast is looking … iffy at best.

It is the one aspect of a party or event that we can’t control. If the heavens open to some serious downpour no amount of wishing and wanting can make it stop.

So, it’s raining sideways, guests are coming and suppliers are getting ready to set up what do you do? Execute The Wet Weather Plan!

The wet weather plan is your safety net for the worst case weather scenario, it’s something you don’t want to have to use but it keeps your party (and deposits) safe no matter what the clouds throw at you.

Just putting everyone indoors isn’t always going to suffice and last minute marquee hire is expensive, stressful and a massive gamble to say the least! If the chance of poor weather is likely, source a marquee or covering well in advanced. Even if it is a ripping hot day, you’ll be thankful for the shade.


Communication is key. If you have a party planner, caterer or external suppliers coming, make sure they are all aware of the wet weather plan and what they will need. Similarly you want to keep your guests in the loop, let them know if the party is going to stay outside and to wear suitable shoes and to bring a good jacket.

Vendor placement is important. You don’t want the bar or caterer placed somewhere muddy, waterlogged and impractical for guests and staff alike. For example, if you place the bar at the end of the slope, rain will run towards it and gather underfoot making the bar slippery and muddy for your thirsty guests. Think about where is going to work with heavy foot traffic.

Know your space. Make sure you know of any potential wet spots or terrain issues. Is there a particularly blustery spot you know to avoid setting up in? Is there notoriously slippery patch that will need rubber matting? Is there good natural shelter available? Uneven ground?

Every wet weather plan is different as there are lots of variables from party to party so make sure you catering to the needs of your specific event.

If at any point of your booking you are unsure about your wet weather plan, just ask!

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