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The Tasting Room

One hiccup of only supplying our services to closed private events, is that we are unable to showcase our amazing drinks to new clients. We found a unit neighbouring our warehouse that becomes free, and chose to turn this into our brand new tasting room:

Dubbed the 'Flamingo Lounge' by our fans, it is fully kitted out with one of our mobile bars and an extensive selection of spirits, allowing us to make your drinks dreams a reality. You can even book in a session here.

We're inviting all of our wedding couples to come in and try out some of our signature drinks, along with our chosen range of Proseccos, wines, and beers to be served alongside cocktails. Experience the level of service weeks or even months before your party, to really drum home the reassurance that you're in the best of hands with TheBartender.

It also doubles up as our online studio, with our studio lighting, overhead cameras and powerful pcs to run cocktail lessons on zoom for groups of 12 to 1200! Read more about these here.

Finally, it's a glorious spot for us to work on our new menus, with superb dynamic lighting and sympathetic colours, allowing for even the most amateur of photographers (me) to snap some delicious looking drinks:

Feel free to pop in and check out the room next time you're in town, we can prop up the bar, chew the fat, and sink a few cold ones.

Book in a tasting session here.

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