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Top 10 House Party Themes

Throwing a party? Having a theme brings people together, gets everybody laughing and sets the scene for a night of fun. Our mobile bartender team have seen some house parties in their time – here are our top 10 themes to get you inspired.

1. Casino classic

Get glamorous with a Vegas-style casino party. Decorate your house with a red-black-green colour scheme, set out some simple table games and let the fun begin. Guests will be busy playing roulette and rolling dice, so go with simple finger food that can be passed around.

And they’ll need a cool cocktail to sip while they hold their nerve – our cocktail waiters recommend casino classics like an old fashioned or a vodka martini.

2. Mini festival shenanigans

Festivals took a hit in the wake of COVID-19, and while we’ve been delighted to see the return of many of our favourites this summer, you can still make up for lost time with a festival themed party. Deck out your garden with fairy lights and flags, hay bales, bean bags and bell tents. Serve street-food or wood-fired pizza and roll out all your musical friends.

It’s a festival, so you’ll need cider! Or cider-based cocktails for the festival-party twist. We recommend a Lagerita - take a Margarita and stick an upside-down bottle of Mexican beer in it. So you don’t miss out on all the fun, why not give us the responsibility of mixing your drinks and hire one of our rustic bars and bartender teams.

3. Roaring 1920s

Flappers, gangsters and bootleggers. Feathers, pearls and pin-stripe suits. You can’t go wrong re-creating the forbidden fun of a 1920s speakeasy. With some upbeat jazz to get those ankles swinging and some cocktail-filled martini glasses to balance on fingers and thumbs, you’ll have your guests glimmering.

We suggest filling your glasses with a French 75 or a Bee’s Knees.

Picture Credits: Will Anderson, Chloe Daley, Ali Nardi

4. ‘P’ Party

‘P’ being for party. Unless your name is Paul…you can see where we’re going with this. Stick with ‘P’ for party, go with your first initial, or if you’re just desperate to dress up as Maverick, make it an ‘M’ party.

How many cocktails are there that begin with ‘P’? Answers on a postcard to the usual address...

5. It was acceptable in the ‘80s

In the ‘90s we never imagined that the ‘80s could be cool again. But it is. And everybody loves an ‘80s themed party where they can go all out with legwarmers, pink punk wigs and parachute pants. Plus you can serve iconic ‘80s cocktails try Sex on the Beach or Piña Coladas and everyone’s a winner.

6. Silent disco

Worried about disturbing the neighbours? You can still throw out those disco vibes without shaking your street. A silent disco means your guests can dance the night away to their favourite tunes or simply take off their headphones and have a good old chinwag (and hear each other!)

Combine it with a sparkling disco-themed cocktail bar and you’re guaranteed to have a house-full of very happy guests and still remain friends with your neighbours.

7. Elvis is back

Elvis Presley is back on the big screen with Baz Luhrmann’s recently released Elvis, so why not embrace this old favourite – slick back your hair, don some signature sunglasses and break out those ‘rubber legs’ on the kitchen dancefloor.

The playlist is definitely covered, but to ensure you’re in keeping with The King when it comes to the drinks, we suggest serving The Elvis / Jailhouse on the Rocks / Blue Suede Shoes

8. Splash out with a pool party

It’s August. There’s no better month to be outside enjoying the sunshine. So, take your house party out into the garden and share the fun of the water with friends and family. The pool is the main event, so you can keep the rest simple: BBQ, bar, tunes, a few pool inflatables, and you’re ready to go.

For a refreshing summer vibe, we recommend serving Sangrias and Margaritas, or our very own creation, the A-Bristol Spritz.

9. All about the movies

Movies and TV have so much inspiration to offer when it comes to planning a themed house party. Pick the right flick and you’ve got an instant plan for your playlist, dress code, props, and décor. Think Casino Royale, Ferris Bueller, Back to the Future, Cocktail or Austin Powers.

And of course, there are cocktails to help soak up any movie atmosphere. For a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, choose a selection of rum-based cocktails, such as our Seasonal Daiquiri. For those ‘80s classics, try blue Woo Woos or Alabama Slammers.

To help match your cocktail menu to your movie, check out our blog, 7 cocktails from The Big Screen.

10. Cocktail party

We may be biased, but you just can’t go wrong with a cocktail party. Our professional cocktail bartenders will give your guests the ultimate, fun cocktail experience, and your party will be talked about for decades to come.

We get that it’s all about the detail. We’ll tailor our mobile bars, glassware, menus and uniform to whatever theme you choose – let us take the stress out of doing the drinks and treat your guests to some of the best cocktails in the South-West.

Get in touch today and start planning your party.

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