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Top 5 Cocktails for Halloween

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

It's almost our favourite time of the year - All Hallow's Eve, or Hallowe'en gives us the opportunity to have some real fun with our drinks. Gone are the days of summer weddings, where all drinks look pretty and uniform, now we can play with sugar and spice, and all things nice!

Below are our top 5 cocktails for halloween for this spooky season:

1. The Eyeball Martini

Put simply, it's a twist on our delicious 'The Lychee One', a combination of Bristol Vodka, Kwai Fee Lychee Liqueur, The Aperitivo Co Lyon, Lychee juice, and simple syrup.

A lychee 'eyeball' in a cocktail glass

However, for halloween, we're adding a blueberry, soaked in grenadine, and stuffed into a lychee, all skewered on a cocktail stick. Quite the eye-opener to garnishes, wouldn't you say?

If you'd like to have a go at making this garnish, check out the video below:

2. Frankenstini

It's ALIVE! We took all the greenest ingredients off our shelves and monster mashed them together to make Dr. Frankenstein's new monster. Apple Sourz, Midori, lime, green apple juice, all shaken with a whisper of vodka and served with apple smoke.

3. Dance with the Devil

A spicy little number to set your tastebuds on fire! We start by muddling red-hot chillis in a cocktail shaker, adding light rum, fresh lime, Bristol Syrup Co. Ginger syrup, and pineapple juice, then shaking hard with ice.

A tall cocktail with devil horns made from chillies

Strain into a long glass with ice, top with ginger beer, or soda. Finish by adding two chillies to the edge of the glass to resemble the horns of Lucifer!

You can see Lewis mixing up a non-alcoholic version of this drink for the team at Frontier Developments for a recent teaser livestream that we helped them out with.

4. Death Spritz

Similar to The Eyeball Martini, this is a twist on one of our incredibly popular serves, the A-Bristol Spritz. The Death Spritz however, takes on Blood Orange Liqueur, Aperol, citrus and Ginger Ale to lengthen. All finished with an edible skull, or, an image of your boss.

A spooky looking spritz cocktail with an edible 'devil's kiss' topper.

5. Pumpkin Punch

It wouldn't be Autumn without coffee shops going all-out for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so it certainly wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't try the same thing.

Our Pumpkin Punch is a lengthened take on a flavoured Daiquiri, incorporating golden rum, pumpkin spice syrup, apple juice, and fresh lime.

Are you planning a Halloween party this year and need some cocktail bartenders to mix up these delights and more? A green bar to serve your Frankenstinis from? Give us a call, fill in a form, or drop us an email.

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