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Wooden Rustic Bars

We're incredibly proud of the wooden bars we have available, from light wood to dark, chalkboard to reeded, our options fit perfectly into your dream theming.

All of our bars are fully kitted out with ice wells, speed rails, ample shelving, plumbed sinks, and sections for recycling. Bars are built on site so as to increase accessibility to hard to reach locations (rooftop gardens, we're looking at you...!).

1. Chalkboard

The first wooden bar we had commissioned is still our favourite, with lengths of 2, 4, and 6 metres available. Each panel features a chalkboard centrepiece for you to add images, drink options, or even invite your guests to 'make their mark'!

2. Modern chic

New for '22, we produced this design at the beginning of the year to fit in with a moodier theme of event, slotting into kitchens and gardens alike. Currently only available as a 2m size.

3. Slatted Palette

A simple design made with the rustic chic theme in mind, our slatted palette bars fit in perfectly with country weddings, cotswold soirees, and festival vibe parties.

4. Reeded

Take a great design, wrap it in bamboo reeding, and decorate with lashings of foliage. Voila, you have a gorgeous bar for your midsummer night's dream party.

All of our bar options are included as part of our Complete Cocktail Service or Wedding Package, just let us know which style takes your fancy.

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